UPLIFT, is a public art sculpture commissioned by the City of El Paso thematically addressing the violent realities existing along the US/Mexico border. It focuses on a metaphor symbolizing a transformational change towards a stronger, more unified, community spirit. The artwork is a representation of 600 hundred birds in the powerful moment when birds achieve flight and therefore freedom. Community members from El Paso and Juarez participated in workshop productions of Papel-Picado (“perforated paper”), a Mexican decorative craft made out of paper and cut into elaborate designs. Over 300 participants from El Paso and neighboring Ciudad Juarez helped create UPLIFT by contributing personal motifs that were transferred to the cut-metal wings of the birds, which also bear welded fragments of actual guns confiscated and donated by the local sheriff Wiles. This is small scale representation maquette of the original sculpture. The yellow tags represent the placement of the gun fragments. On March 13, 2015 at 60% of installation, the City of El Paso cut apart and removed UPLIFT.

Community Workshops

The public was invited to participate in several community workshops held in various places in El Paso and Cd. Juarez. Many organizations participated in this projects such as Consulate  General of Mexico, UTEP, Centro de Salud la Fe, Southwest Keys, Maximo Art Society, Mexicanos en Exilio, FEMAP, St Clements Middle School, Mountwest Montesorri, Tech de Monterrey, Red de Mujeres and Museo de Arte de Cd. Juarez.

Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso

October 17, 2013

This was the first uplift workshop.
Participating organizations, Southwest Keys, Mexicanos en Exilio, American Consulate, Mountwest Montessori, and Tech de Monterrey

University of Texas in El Paso

November 1, 2013

Second Uplift project, participating organizations such as Maximo Art Society, UTEP students, and public

Centro Familiar de Salud La Fe

November 4, 2013

Two workshop session were held at the Centro Familiar de Salud La Fe.

St. Clements Middle School

November 13, 2013

Student from 6th, 7th, and 8th participated

Museo de Arte de Cd. Juarez

November 16, 2013

The Juarez community was invited to participate at the museum

Escuela San Jose Martinez ``El Pipila``

November 4, 2013

Workshop held at one of FEMAP schools in Cd Juarez.