Arbol de la Vida: Voces de Tierra

for Mission San Francisco de la Espada

The mission of Árbol de la Vida:  “Voces de Tierra is to Celebrate San Antonio’s ranching history through the eye’s of the community.  This true community public art project will bring our SA community together to artistically help carve and give form to our shared story.  Made by the community for the community, this iconic sculpture will   celebrate our city’s world heritage site of San Francisco de la Espada, and bring focus to the rich natural and cultural environment that surrounds it.  The sculpture will enrich the lives of the people of San Antonio and enhance the makeup of its diverse community one story at a time for many future generations to come.

Participate in the making of our City’s Arbol De La Vida: Voces de Tierra sculpture for Mission San Francisco de la Espada.

Everyone is invited to tell stories of San Antonio’s Mission and Ranching History. Our very own community’s stories will give form and inspire the creation of many clay sculptures representing San Antonio’s Mission and Ranching History. These community sculptures will be form part of the overall public art work.

Part One: Charlas/Dialogues

Come and join one of four Storytelling Dialogues/Charlas throughout the city and listen to fascinating stories told by our very own community members.

Part Two: Ceramic Workshops

 Make your very own clay sculpture inspired by one of the community stories and add it to the Arbol de La Vida.

Part Three: Unveiling

 Come and celebrate the unveiling of our community’s Arbol De La Vida and honor our cultural history, our diversity, our creativity efforts and our newly bonded community.

Share Your Story and make a public art sculpture

with artist Margarita Cabrera and be part of a history art making experience!

Charlas Stories & Symbols

collected from the Charlas/Dialogues in April